Searching for a beautiful urn or other cremation memorabilia? 

5280 Cremation has great prices on urns as well as pendants, memorial jewelry, and more.



When you’ve lost a loved one, it can be a crucial part of the grieving process to find a way to keep some part of them with you. For some people, a gravestone is what they need – a place to honor their deceased. For others, a beautiful urn that is representative of their loved one is the best way to capture their memory. Still others would prefer a gorgeous piece of jewelry that allows them to keep a constant reminder of the love they still feel.

What it is that you are looking for, 5280 Cremations can help you find the perfect item or items to help you properly pay tribute. You will have a wide variety of different items to choose from and we encourage you to take your time. 5280 Cremations is happy to answer any questions you might have about these products. Call or email us today and we will work with you to find your perfect fit.