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One of the best times this became evident was when Wilma (mom) and the three sisters (Micky, Rachel, and Darcy) went to the Black River Pub in upper Wisconsin for a girl's night out. The four had a hilarious time when the laughing became a bit heavy. Wilma slipped off her stool and on to the floor. Well, Micky could not let her sit there alone and as she continued laughing even harder - she slipped off her stool and onto the floor as well (they still blame it all on slippery bar stools at that bar.). No one was hurt, and the laughter continued well into the night. Oh, and no humans or animals were hurt during this escapade.
Rachel and Darcy also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Micky for breaking their father into the joys of having three daughters. It began with a horse that she just had to have - Valamay. A very young, and spirited beastie with a mind of her own - Micky not the horse, just kidding. While riding with her friend Patty and trying to get back up to the barn, the horse decided that the lane was faster than the field. Unfortunately, the lane was blocked by three strands of barbed wire fence. The horse charged through wrapping both horse and rider up in it all. It took several of us to cut them both out. All said and done, the horse had worse damage, but both survived to ride another day.
Then, when getting close to driving age (but not there yet), she decided to test her skills on the old farm truck. She took it out in the lane and decided to high-center it on a boulder in the creek. It was a good thing it was low-tide.
Roughly a year later, the same poor farm truck that never hurt a fly was smashed into a neighbor's tree.
She was fine, the tree was scared, and dad was hot, but once again, all survived.
Micky was also outstanding at sharing. Her first real test in that category came when she was pregnant with her son Billy. Wilma was born during the depression and learned the art of, what they called, "dumping." Dumping is the process of going through, what we now call landfills, and finding treasures. Wilma shared her skill with Micky, and while Micky was pregnant with her son Billy; she and her friend Terry introduced him to the passion. Today, Bill is an avid "dumpster diver" and has found numerous treasures over the years for all of his friends and family!
Micky was so unique and special and was never truly concerned about appearance. There was the time that the three sisters went out bar-hopping for Halloween. Micky decided to go as a red lobster. She made the outfit - claws and all - then painted her face and any exposed skin a deep dark red. The costume was a hit and not just for Halloween either. The red stayed on her skin for weeks after, unfortunately not until Christmas. She could have played an elf that year.
The family then moved to Denver, Colorado. This was destiny for Micky. One of her first jobs was as a security guard at the old airport, Stapleton. It was a blood drive day and, the giving gal that she was, her chance to give back. It was fate that she was placed on that cot next to a guy that worked in baggage. His name was Richard Pataluna (Rick), and they were in love at first site. The two became one instantly.
That moment, through the shotgun wedding (yes, there was a real shotgun at the wedding), and every instant of time that followed they would forever be known as "Mic and Rick." You very seldom saw one without the other. When people that know them speak of them, it was always Mic and Rick - never just Mic or just Rick. They were so close that one year for Halloween Micky dressed up as Rick.
She was so good at impersonating him that no one could tell it was her until she spoke. Yes, that was a very scary Halloween!
As a team, Mic and Rick went on many crazy adventures. Most were never farther than their living room (major football parties), the best friend's garage (Diane's parties), or a local bar filled with friends and family. Their signature maneuver was to keep things spicy. Those of you that know them well understand that their loving bits of nit-picking, was their form of a deep, unceasing love for one another.
Rick's fiendish jabs at her cooking or cleaning.
Her constantly rolling her eyes at his bad jokes.
Calling out to each other from different rooms.
That was all a major part of their connection. Married for over thirty years, this form of teasing kept the spice in their lives and the relationship strong. Their connection is so strong that even though Micky's physical form has left us, her essence lives on in Rick. The two shall forever be known as one, and every time you visit with Rick, you will always know that Mic is there watching over him and tell him to:
"Knock it off, Rick!"
With a smile on her face, rolling eyes, and always with love.

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1150 South Galena Street
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